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FAQ page

How do I upload Photo Collections??


Sign in to your account. In your member dash board, to the left, you will see Upload Files. Click the link. To the left you will see Upload files area. There you will see Upload vector. Click on the link. Complete the upload instructions and you are all done. Please be sure to use a .zip folder for your photo collection uploads. You will not be able to upload a zipped folder in another zip folder. Make SURE you go into your picture gallery on your device and copy all the pictures in the folder to create a .zip folder. If you copy the folder itself and create a .zip your upload won't be uploaded. Remember to contact us if you need help.

A vector graphic is one that is not made up of a million little pixels or dots. The edges of the image are actually made by mathematical equations that form the shapes. This means that you can expand and enlarge vector graphics to a large size, as big as you want, and it will always be good resolution.



How do I make a .zip so I can upload my Photo Collections?

Free .zip creator.  Use this when you want to upload a Photo Collection.


How do I sell my pictures and videos to Phlasherr??


Use this link. There you will find all the information on becoming a Content Provider.


Do I have to upload a copy of my ID and USC 18 2257 information each time I upload to my studio??

No. You only send that information if you are selling your photo Collections and Videos directly to Phlasherr for Quick cash. 




How do I join the Phlasherr Affiliate Program??


Great News! Just join as a Phlasherr affiliate. That's right. We've made it super easy, convenient and beneficial to promote our site. You can track all of your affiliate activities inside your affiliate member's dashboard. See our simple payout structure.